A Day in the Life of True Detective writer Nic Pizzolatto

Nic Pizzolatto takes a break from brooding. He sits down at his typewriter and begins to write.


The detective is the apotheosis of all detectives. He lies lugubriously in bed, his face apoplectic. He speaks without looking at who he is addressing.

I cannot achieve arousal

The camera pans over to reveal… a MAN!!!?!?

It is scandalous for two males to be in bed together.

For a while, the Detective says nothing. He reaches for a bottle of VODKA on the nightstand and drinks ALL of it.

I have so many demons.

Maybe it’s not that you have so many demons. Maybe it’s that so many demons…

Camera ZOOMS in on Man’s face.

MAN (Cont…)
…have you.

I am only making fifteen percent on a land deal. This allotment is not copasetic.

One time a nutria rat ate my little brother. That’s when I knew we were all alone in this world. Alone in a world of nutria rats. Nutria rats that eat little brothers.

Sometimes I worry that I’m not True.

I miss Stan.

Stan escaped this landfill existence. He was the lucky one.

You have so many demons.

DETECTIVE (Looking away)
I know.

Nic Pizzolatto leans back from the typewriter and sighs. “Damn, I’m good,” he says aloud.


HEY YOU. Say your words.

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